FORUM@RT project

Aiming to valorise the Romanian cultural potential in international context in order to promote artistic and cultural values inside and outside the country and to increase the visibility of the Romanian authors and performers on the virtual art market, the project aims to:

  1. build the virtual community as a resource and services centre for authors and performers - Forum@rt, dedicated to the development of the information medium, electronic resources and cultural debated which will function within the Romania-Gateway Web portal (;
  2. integrate pilot group into the virtual community Forum@rt through their participation as active members and the promotion of their personal Web pages (Personal Web Pages)into the virtual space

Forum@rt component consists in utilisation of the informational communication technologies (ICT) for the interest of the authors and performers by building and administrating a virtual community on the Web portal Romania Gateway.

The most important section is the virtual Forum – a space dedicated for debates, expressing points of view and exchange of opinions – moderated by the ANUC. The access to the discussions will be governed by the international standards Internet. The subjects under debate are in the sphere of creators’ and performers’ concerns at national and European level:

  • Common European values (Europenism and ethnic and national identity) – the subject is of interest for Romania in the context of pre-accession process in European Union. On the other hand, the subject is important at European level, one proof being the Annual ECA Conference, El Escorial, Spain, 16-19 November 2000, named "Where is Europe? Common European Values";
  • Cultural policies and strategies – the conclusions of the debate on this subject will be transmitted to the Ministry of Culture in order to be used for completing some aspects in the Plan of Action of the document named "Cultural strategy. Final Report. Project RO 9709-01" elaborated in February 2000 within the program "Cultural Dimension of Democracy" (Ministry of Culture and European Union);
  • STATUS of authors and performers in Romania, meditation and action theme that in Romania was the object of a Common Declaration adopted in November 1998 by the Ministry of Culture and eight non-governmental organisations of authors and performers and among them the National Alliance of Creators’ Unions - ANUC, which assumed the monitoring role of the execution stage of the Plan of Action included in the Common Declaration. The subject was discussed under different aspects also within the annual ECA conferences.

As the participants in the debate will communicate in English too, this will open the possibility of European and even global level on the proposed subjects.


  • ANUC members authors’ unions (6);
  • Authors’ and performers’ community in Romania (cca. 20.000)
  • Artistic university community (cca. 15.000);
  • Producers, business managers/art and cultural events agents, actors of the art market, cultural managers, administrators of the artistic and cultural institutions, financers, collector, clients etc. (cca. 100.000).

Partner: Romania Gateway – Project Management Unit, Ministry of Information, Victoria Palace, Piata Victoria, sector 1, Bucuresti

Activities of the project:

  1. organising of Forum@rt - November-December 2000
  2. launching of Forum@rt – promotion campain: March-May 2001
  3. functioning of Forum@rt with main sections: forum, information centre, knowledge centre and job centre: March -August 2001
  4. evaluation: August 2001

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