Consultative role

ANUC expressed its interest and availability in playing a consultative role in the reform of the culture’s juridical and institutional framework launched by the Ministry of Culture after 1996.

Due to the accumulated experience as a consultant of the initiator of the Law regarding author’s right and neighbouring rights, ANUC offered consulting services and feedback within the activity of amending and elaborating normative documents related to arts and culture, such as:

  • Laws regarding the protection of the national cultural heritage
  • Methodological rules for applying the Governmental Ordinance no 79/1998 regarding organisation and functioning of the National Cultural Fund
  • Project of the Governmental Ordinance for modifying and completing the Law no 35/1994 regarding the literary, cinematographic, theatrical, musical, folkloric and visual arts stamp, initiated by the Ministry of Culture
  • Project of the Law regarding the taxation on global income of persons, initiated by the Ministry of Finances etc.

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