„The House of Artists" project

In partnership with the ANUC and the General Council of the City of Bucharest, UNITER organises within the program The House of the Artists activities that aims to ensure and maintain a respectable social and economic status senior artists deserve. Besides social assistance activities the programme develops also activities ensuring the social reinsertion of the senior artists. An example is the mini-project "Education through theatre", developed in April – December 2000 in 6 schools in sector 6 of Bucharest. Every week, teams of social assistants, performers or theatre directors together with groups of 15 – 18 young students used the theatre (exercises, role play, improvisation) as method to improve their dialog with the teachers. The students attended a theatre course and they played on stage the subjects discussed during their tutorial classes. All the plays in the 6 schools were followed by discussions with parents and teachers with a special focus on the students’ opinions, which were considered as being true and important.

Future Family Memories

Reality on Stage – Theatre Play with Young People is another project of UNITER developed within the program Play against Violence of the European Cultural Foundation and Soros Open Network. The project addresses to a number of approximately 45 young people between 12 and 18 years old from centres for institutionalised children no. 5 and no. 8 from Bucharest. The activities of the project are:

  • Working with the kids – working elements for building a future plan for them
  • Training for the personnel from the centres for institutionalised children – initiation in group techniques, play elements, instruments for identifying and solving violence cases
  • Shows – with the participation of the representatives of the responsible authorities for the development of the governmental programs for these target groups, and also of the NGO representatives in the field and mass media.

We are addressing an appeal to all sponsors interested in community projects and support for arts and culture. We believe that care and love for those that brought glory for the Romanian arts would honour the portfolio of any esteemed sponsor. Those interested in supporting the House of Artists are invited to contact Ms. Mihaela Sasarman , program director: str. Eremia Grigorescu nr. 24, tel./fax: 01 210 94 82 or Ms. Monica Lotreanu, ANUC executive director: tel. (01) 212 31 38.

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