About us

We thank you for the interest you show for our organisation. This page will show the mission and the organizatoric and functioning principles of ANUC. For further information please contact us.  

Major goals and objectives of the ANUC

ANUC's goals:

  • to promote and exercise the dialogue, mutual information and common action of the creators’ union members in order to achieve certain objectives of common interest for the professional artists in Romania;
  • to facilitate the participation in the reform process of the legal and fiscal background of the activity carried out by the artists and other professionals in the cultural field;
  • to promote a more authentic public recognition of the professional artists and of their role in changing the society and in the integration of Romania in the European structures;
  • to represent and support the interests of the professional artists and of their associative forms to the central and local authorities - responsible for the administrative and political decision making, that can have an impact upon the spiritual, political, economical and social climate within which the professional artists are formed and are acting and within which their public image is created - the mass-media and other opinion leaders, representatives of the civil society in Romania;
  • to represent and assist at the international level all union members with the building-up of a framework for dialogue and co-operation between the professional artists and the political, cultural bodies and professional organisations of artists.

Action means of the ANUC:

  • information and communication projects (target group: the professional artists); the ANUC annual symposia;
  • annual award for masterpiece;
  • four annual fellowships for young art creators at the Romania Academy in Rome, Italy;
  • lobby (the local and central authorities);
  • partnership with the representative institutions of the central and local administration as well as of the non-governmental sector for the restructuring of the legal and fiscal framework for art and culture;
  • workshops, exhibitions and other interdisciplinary artistic events.


The ANUC was legally registered and became a legal person in December 1995. It is a non-governmental and non-profit Romanian organization, operating under the provisions of the Law No. 21/1924.

The organizational structure of ANUC is similar to other umbrella organisations in Europe, special created for improving the dialog between professional artists and decision makers and administrators, at national and international level, between their own association forms and between them and similar structures at international level.

ANUC is opened for other professional artists’ organizations in Romania. According to the Status of National Alliance of Creators’ Unions, "this can be done in respect of the present Status and by unanimous vote of the member unions".

All decisions regarding the ANUC’s function are taken by common consent by the Board, constituted by the presidents and vice-presidents of the member unions. The Executive Chairman of ANUC is elected from the presidents or the vice-presidents of the member unions, by rotation, every twelve months.


  • Union of Architects of Romania (UAR): 
    Ileana Tureanu, president
  • Romanian Visual Artists Union (UAP): 
    Petru Lucaci, president 
  • Union of Filmmakers of Romania (UCIN):
    Laurentiu Damian, president
  • Union of Music Composers and Critics of Romania (UCMR): 
    Dan Dediu, president
  • Writers' Union of Romania (USR): 
    Nicolae Manolescu, president
  • Theatre Union of Romania (UNITER): 
    DragoČ™ Buhagiar, president


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