Misiunea ANUC se realizeaza prin intermediul unor programe si proiecte, dintre care cele mai multe se desfasoara permanent.


ANUC expressed its interest and availability in playing a consultative role in the reform of the culture’s juridical and institutional framework launched by the Ministry of Culture after 1996.
A very important objective of ANUC's activity is to support and promote the status of the members of the component unions.
On 23rd of October 2000 ANUC organised at the Writers Union’s headquarter on subjects related with The Status of the Authors and Performers in Romania.
The project addresses to the development of exchanges of experiences and co-operation between Romania and European Union in cultural domain, as well as to the promotion of the European dimension in Romanian culture and the effort of making culture to become a new ethical authority in an economical way of living in Europe.
Aiming to valorise the Romanian cultural potential in international context in order to promote artistic and cultural values inside and outside the country and to increase the visibility of the Romanian authors and performers on the virtual art market
Entirely edited by ANUC, the bulletin is distributed free of charge in 1000 copies to the members of the unions within ANUC, to representative cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, ministries.
In partnership with the ANUC and the General Council of the City of Bucharest, UNITER organises within the program The House of the Artists activities that aims to ensure and maintain a respectable social and economic status senior artists deserve.

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