Presidency of ANUC in 2019

On 21 January, the ANUC Board gathered in a meeting to validate the transfer of the presidency in 2019 to the Union of Musical Composers and Critics of Romania (UCMR). Mr Adrian Iorgulescu, UCMR President, will act as leading Chairman of the organisation during this mandate.

The priority in setting the 2019 agenda is the advocacy in the governmental authorities in favour of restoring the national prizes for literature, arts and achitecture, initiated by GD in 2008, and of developping the national funds for the public acquisition of art works and cultural artifacts. Besides that, a preoccupation for ANUC will be the bursaries and artistic residencies for young artists.

Dialogue with the Ministry of Culture and National Identity as well as with the parliamentary commissions for culture, and all competent central or local administration bodies will be ensured in 2019 too, on topics like financement of artistic projects, legal initiatives of interest for the member unions and others.

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