The Fine Artists' Union (UAP) holds for the entire year 2011 the presidency of the National Alliance of the Creators' Unions

On 25 January, the board of ANUC met to validate the mandate of the yearly presidency for the Fine Artists' Union. The Chairman of ANUC is Mr. Petru Lucaci, the president of UAP, and deputy is Ms. Cristina Russu, Vicepresident of UAP.

ANUC has stated the major goals for the activity in 2011:

  • sustain the parliamentary initiative for a new project of the cultural stamp
  • improve and maintain the system of state subventions for the publications of the unions
  • raising propositions for a new law on sponsorship, for improving the law on author's right and neighbouring rights
  • resumption of the national awards for the arts
  • solve the situation of spaces for fine artists and contemporary art galleries
  • sustain the accession of European funding by cultural operators and groups of artists.

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