The National Alliance of Creators’ Unions is an association of six legal persons – unions of creators, with large representation at national level. The ANUC members hold and promote together the interests of around 13,000 authors and performers.


Architects’ Union of Romania (UAR)

Address: Str. Jean Louis Calderon nr. 48, 020038 Bucuresti 1
Tel./fax.: 021-3156073
Architectural Culture Centre: Tel./fax.: 021-3127601
Website: www.
Contact person: Ileana Tureanu, president

Visual Artists’ Union of Romania (UAP)

Address a: Str. Baiculesti nr. 29, 013195  Bucuresti 1 (Combinatul FP)
Tel.: centrala: 021-2127954; fax: 021-2127958
Contact person: Petru Lucaci, president

Filmakers’ Union of Romania (UCIN)

Address: Str. Mendeleev nr. 28-30, 010365 Bucuresti 1 (Casa cineastilor)
Tel.: 021-3168083/84; fax.: 021-3111246
Contact person: Laurentiu Damian, president

Composers and Musicologists’ Union of Romania (UCMR)

Address: Str. Nicolae Iorga, nr. 31, et.1, ap.6, 010433 București 1
Tel.: 021-3177966; fax: 021-3057997
Contact person: Dan Dediu, president

Writers’ Union of România (USR)

Address; Calea Victoriei nr. 133, 010071 Bucuresti 1
Tel./fax: 021-3165829; fax: 021-129634
Contact person: acad. Nicolae Manolescu, president

Theatre Union of Romania (UNITER)

Address: Str. George Enescu nr. 2-4, 010305 Bucuresti 1
Tel.: 021-3134278; 021-3113214; 021-3153636; fax: 021-3150048
Contact person: DragoČ™ Buhagiar, president


ANUC is a founding member of the European Council of Artists (ECA), pan-European non-governmental organisation established under the Danish Law in 1995. The ECA includes umbrella organisations representative at national level of authors and performers from different European countries. The ECA is financed by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministries of Culture from Northern countries. The mission is to lobby the European political bodies, and governments of the member countries in favour of artists' major interests. The delegate of the ANUC to the ECA was member of the Executive Committee for several mandates and also treasurer (1997-2005).

ANUC actively sustained the mission and initiatives of the ECA since its founding: thus, in 1997, ANUC organized in Bucharest a meeting of the Executive Committee.

Between 2000-2001, ANUC developed in partnership with the ECA the project European debates in European Newspapers. In 2003, ANUC was the local co-ordinator for the ECA Annual Conference and General Congress, the most important annual event of the ECA, hosted for the first time in Romania, in Bucharest, between 5-8 September.
In September 2007, ANUC organized for the second time the ECA Annual Conference and General Congress in Sibiu, including this forum in the Programme Sibiu, European cultural capital 2007. The scope of the forum is to convene the initiation of a large pan-European platform lobbying for the Status of the artist.

Contact: European Council of Artists
c/o Council of Danish Artists
Kronprinsessegade 34 B
DK-1306 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Tel.: +45 26 25 21 12
Fax: +45 35 38 44 17

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